Yorkshire Terrier Ike about me

   My name is Ike (puppy ike,my Lady and my Lord call me Ajkik Pajkik Majkik Fajkik and I enjoy it). I was born in May 6th, 2000 in Krnov (¨Bruntal district), my Mummy is Czech, my Dad German.

   One day came young couple and took me along to their home. I can say I am small as a Yorkshire terrier Ike but I do not afraid of anything nor big dogs. One day I met big black dog that bit me almost to death. Luckily the Lord of that black dog rescued me.

   Today I am skilled doggie. I was in the ZOO in Dvur Kralove (where I was bigger attraction that local animals). I followed a few football matches in Uvalno (by the way - Uvalno footballers are the first in the district for this year).

I had visited one University in Ostrava and several enterprises in Ostrava and I was in that large business centre Carefour (but just darkly cause dogs has forbidden the entrance there).

   I visited one very interesting man who touched me, looked into my eyes through terribly big lens, looked into my ears and (it was the worst) he looked into my chops, what luck I cleaned my teeth in the morning! That man pricked me on my back and than it started to scorch. That man was a doctor and I have to meet him in the very next week for a check up.

Date of birth: 2000-06-05
Parents: Mum (CR - Krnov), Dad (Germany)
Height: 28cm
Lenght: 45cm
Weight: 1,6 kg (from time to time 1,7 kg !!!)

ike yorkshire terrier my lady
My Lady is the best one under the Sun, I could not wish better one. I love her so much and I try to be as often as possible. When she comes back home I heel her whatever she does. I like my Lord very much as well. I enjoy the time with him, he plays different games with me.
My favourite games are running for warped ball and pulling down of empty bottles of mineral water. It is big fun. But I fell in love in another toy - big yellow whistle dog. I love that sound but my Lady can stand it 20 - minutes the most and then she begins to be nervous and take my dog off.
IKE 2001 © Lukáš Žitník

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